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MEEN brings you the latest and finest Audio Visual products and services directly from Europe to the Arabian Peninsula.

We love AV Technology!

In addition to a wide range of event technology our focus is on projection and special solutions for complex setups for temporary and permanent installations. In cooperation with our partners we hold one of the largest stock of more than 170 Laser Video projectors for broad scale mapping projects. Further, our automated calibration technology helps you to align even the most challenging structures like domes or any other irregular surfaces for a minimized setup time with unbeatable results and reliable constancy for permanent composite screens. Adding MEEN´s interactive technology or spectacular effects like Lasers, fountains or kinetic solutions take your shows or multimedia projects to the next level … true to our motto:

Supporting   the Professionals.

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New Fountain Controller V:Server 3

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To perfectly match all the various requirements of larger fountain show installations, Syncronorm’s V:Server is the perfect choice to run your multimedia shows. In combination with our potent fountain control software Depence, the V:Server is our most powerful stand-alone DMX-show-player, installable into any regular 19” rack system. The V:Server comes with a fully customizable and touch-optimized user interface (Live-Panel), ArtNet & RDM support, timecode features as well as the most flexible BMI system for logic sequences. Calculating in real time and with very flexible DMX I/O routing, the V:Server is available in two variants as the U8 comes up with 4096 DMX output-channels while the U16 version delivers up to 8192 DMX output-channels.

VIOSO Integrate

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Export blending and warping to a variety of mediaservers and compatible hardware devices.

You want to integrate the patented and famous auto-calibration technology into your existing workflow – VIOSO Anyblend Integrate Edition is the answer.

VIOSO Integrate includes all features of VIOSO Anyblend and VIOSO Player as well as the VIOSO Core Technology are also included.

Our Partners & Brands

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Show Control & Visualization

Depence² is a unique application, which combines the design and visualization process with the potential to control the real show. The inbuilt 3D engine of Depence is the world's first Engine, which truly allows you to fully simulate and visualize fountains along with stage lighting, lasers, video and special effects in real-time.

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no Plug | just Play

The new battery-powered Professional Plus screen revolutionises the equipment of school, university, conference and meeting rooms as well as your own home cinema.

  • Available up to 320 cm image widths in different formats
  • Up to 500x uses per charge, approx 1 year without charging
  • Integrated radio control incl. remote control