Great AV Products   from Europe.

MEEN brings you the latest and finest Audio Visual products and services directly from Europe to the Arabian Peninsula.

We love AV Technology!

In addition to a wide range of event technology our focus is on projection and special solutions for complex setups for temporary and permanent installations. In cooperation with our partners we hold one of the largest stock of more than 170 Laser Video projectors for broad scale mapping projects. Further, our automated calibration technology helps you to align even the most challenging structures like domes or any other irregular surfaces for a minimized setup time with unbeatable results and reliable constancy for permanent composite screens. Adding MEEN´s interactive technology or spectacular effects like Lasers, fountains or kinetic solutions take your shows or multimedia projects to the next level … true to our motto:

Supporting   the Professionals.

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excete® brings people closer together.
In fascinating adventure worlds, employees and customers can experience product presentations and take part in trade fairs or conferences.

Live. Realistic. Together.

These meeting centers are equipped with innovative AV technology and offer exciting display methods with futuristic elements to bring the message to the visitor effectively and as realistically as possible.

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The Chick leaves the Nest!

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At large outdoor events you need many sources of fog to be able to compete against the wind. The amount of fog is of secondary importance: as long as some machines are pointing in the right direction, a comprehensive, reliable fog coverage is guaranteed. A powerful fan will help direct the mist into the desired area.
Fog and wind machines are power hungry. The electrical infrastructure is often more complex than that of the actual effects devices. A power supply at the ideal positions is often not possible at all.

From all these considerations an innovative fog concept has emerged. Fledged can be set up anywhere and is completely independent of mains connections or control lines. Fledged starts heating when you request for fog and starts fogging after only 1 second. The amount of mist and the fan speed can be set precisely. At the end of the event you can send all Fledgeds to sleep mode by your console so that the battery is completely disconnected from the consumers.

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