What does it MEEN?

MEEN supports the Middle East event market with extraordinary solutions from state-of-the-art European partners.
All these disciplines and services are non-standard, in need of explanation, technically highly demanding or hard to find in the Middle East.

You need a perfect, stable projection onto an irregular, warped structure?
Your idol of the 50´s should dance like real over your catwalk?
The bride of your wedding event should walk trough a water screen but must not get wet?

MEEN has professional solutions, realized by the leading European experts and with its base in the Middle East.

With these experts and local partners we form the Middle East Event Network MEEN.
This is unique in the Arab world.

Why choosing MEEN?

- MEEN´s partners are undisputed leaders in their competences
- We are permanently present in the UAE
- You can expect State-of-the-Art European quality and reliability
- The unique network structure allows team sizes according to your needs
- Or just because we are a really great and friendly team that loves its work.


The Middle East Event Network FZE

Mina al Arab, Malibu 166, Ras al Khaimah, UAE

P.O. Box 6469, Ras al Khaimah, UAE

+971 - (0)7 - 24 34 34 9
+971 - (0)50 - 1993 501

@ holger@meen.ae

CEO: Holger Walter

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