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VIOSO Player

Easy playout on multiple projectors.

  • warping & blending tools
  • camera based automated calibration & blending
  • great for any kind of screens: plane, curved, domes, facades, ...
  • Made in Germany

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VIOSO Anyblend

Blended projection for all Windows applications.

  • Manual or automatic warping & blending for any number of projectors
  • Turns any Windows application into an ultra wide screen
  • Zero latency
  • Supports professional graphic boards
  • Made in Germany

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Pixera VIOSO

Entering the world of professional media playout and multi projector handling has never been easier

  • Extremely user-friendly user interface
  • Integration of 2D and 3D spaces
  • Show programming, compositing, warping and projection mapping
  • Powerful VIOSO Auto Alignment solution integrated
  • Made in Austria

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Lasergraph DSP

Lasergraph DSP is the favored software used by leading Laser companies.

  • Programming, editing and playback of DSP laser shows
  • Complete Real-Time operation
  • Three different software levels are available
  • Made in Germany

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Pangolin BEYOND

The indutry standard for Laser show creation and live control.

  • Supports protocols: DMX, ArtNET, MIDI, SMPTE timecode, OSC, and CITP
  • Easier than ever before to integrate lasers into multimedia shows
  • Three different software levels are available
  • Complete suite of tools to create any sort of laser display

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Depence 2

Bringing the art of fountains design to sheer life.

  • Show control with timeline programming
  • Unique 3d visualization for fountains, laser, video and lighting
  • Favored solution for the most fountain installions on the globe
  • Made in Germany