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Ultimate 2000

The 5th generation of the Ultimate series is compact, easy to use and creates a perfect lighting designer’s canvas.

  • Featuring crystal-clear atmospheric haze
  • Haze is virtually invisible until it is illuminated
  • One 5L fluid canister will last for approx. 80 (!) hours
  • Made in Sweden

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Ultimate 3000

Similar to Ultimate 2000, but features splitted units for haze and compressor.

  • Hazer units can be placed separately for whisper-silent operation.
  • No warm-up time required
  • Efficient output distribution with hang time up to four hours
  • No need for CO2
  • Made in Sweden

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Duramax Intellahazer 1K8

Duramax 1K8 is built into a durable flight case and uses the Smartbib fluid system which is leak-proof.

  • Highest output of all water based haze generators
  • Precise variable haze density
  • Full DMX control, + 0-10V analog, PowerCon connector
  • Made in Sweden


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Pressure Gauge

Allows seperat positioning of hazer and compressor unit for Ultimate 3000 hazer up to 25m.

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Haze Fluids

Medical-grade oil and water based fluids, compatible with most hazers on the market.

  • Wide range of types and sizes available
  • Different hanging times
  • Bag in Box containers for leak-proof operation
  • Made in Sweden