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Anystation Pixera

This high performing media server runs Pixera and Wings RX with up to 16 outputs.

  • Use this server to have ultra high resolution playback.
  • We offer various options for your input and output configurations.
  • PIXERA VIOSO Station includes AVIO Advanced for show control.
  • Made in Germany

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Anystation Nano

Anystation Nano is tiny and one of the smallest servers on the market.

  • Because of the tiny form factor of Anystation Nano, it is ultra portable and fits in every space.
  • Anystation Nano comes with VIOSO software for automatic setup of edge blended projections.
  • Made in Germany

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Anystation Performer

VIOSO Anystation Performer is highly configurable and satisfies any needs for any project.

  • Quality, availability and performance
  • Run VIOSO applications at their best
  • Up to 16 outputs from one server, unlimited for multi server setup
  • Multiple upgrade options like input boards and calibration sets
  • Made in Germany

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V:Server 3

Standalone Multimedia Server for Fountain Installations.

  • ArtNet & RDM support, timecode features
  • Different Versions with up to 48 universes
  • Multiple I/O options
  • Touch screen for configuration and show playback but just a button click
  • Made in Germany

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Anystation Micro

Because of the small form factor this server is super portable and fits in every space.

  • available two editions: QUAD for up to four projectors and a complementary input. OCTO for up to eight projectors.
  • The case it comes in is very convenient and allows you to transport your VIOSO Anystation Micro everywhere.
  • Made in Germany
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DIN Rail standalone DMX Showplayer for Fountains.

  • Smart solution for smaller & more intimate fountain show installations
  • 512 or 1024 channels available
  • Music playback directly from V:Nano
  • Made in Germany

Server Tools

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Calibration Sets

Wide range of calibration sets for different applications.

  • Professional industrial grade cameras for perfect calibration results
  • Different optics available for dome, wide angle or multi camera setups
  • Comes as complete set with cables, PoE adapter and carrying case

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Input Options

Various input cards available like SDI, HDMI and DisplayPort.

  • different level, versions and models available according to your needs
  • Comes pre-configured with your server or can be added later, depending on your recommendations