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Simtec presents the world new ScreenFLITE® media information system

  • Twelve LED displays with about 2m² each arrange to form different patterns in an elaborated dance
  • Each display can individually play back media content synchronous with the movement
  • Rotation of the ScreenFLITE® can be programmed individually so the creative input is unlimited
  • Screens can form figures with 2, 3, 4 or 6 displays
  • Static or video content possible for all screens
  • Installation using a suspension arm in the ceiling range or as stand-alone object in the middle of a hall
  • Visibility of messages from all sides around the system
  • Made in Germany

Evolution has developed the process of attracting human’s attention for hundreds of thousands of years. We instinctively look at moving objects wherever they appear in our field of view.

ScreenFLITE® is taking advantage of this effect and puts your advertisement, your information and your message in motion and is the one of a kind eye-catcher for people passing by. A simple message moving across a static LED-board is now perceived as part of a work of art.

Our engineers have accepted this challenge and with ScreenFLITE® have created a communications platform which is a unique eye-catcher not only transferring information but moving it.

What used to be a mere message moving across a static LED-board now is perceived as part of a work of art. Because honestly - we are bored and sometimes annoyed by the stream of information inundating us. The ScreenFLITE® conveys information to the recipient in an elaborate and astounding manner, transforming the transfer of information to a voluntary and positive experience for the observer. Ideal locations are airport or station halls, shopping malls or company headquarters, hotel or museum lobbies - any type of room offering the space and the opportunity to approach a larger audience.

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